Why choose SNAP Learning?

The simple answer is…

Our solutions are easy to learn, easy to use, easy to manage, and you get RESULTS!

  • Students love the books.
  • Teachers appreciate how easy we make teaching.
  • Administrators get results without implementation hassles.
  • Parents are proud of the growth they see in their children.

It’s a SNAP!


The ideal close reading and reading comprehension solution for today’s busy teachers. Use a simple, Five-Step Lesson Plan protocol to teach, practice and apply essential vocabulary and comprehension skills and strategies. Get the results you are looking for.

Find out how SNAP! Learning can make comprehending challenging text a SNAP!


Structured Guided Reading

The ideal guided reading solution for today’s busy teachers. STRUCTURED for management. STRUCTURED for teachers. STRUCTURED for students. STRUCTURED for any setting. And STRUCTURED for results.

Find out how SNAP! Learning can make guided reading a SNAP!

Available in English and Spanish.


Snap is great…

“Snap is great because it uses lots of visual support, and the comprehension component is a great check for Understanding tool!”
Maria Maya / Reading Teacher, Madera CA

…more confident and comfortable

“I believe the repetitive structure of the books helped my students a lot. They became more and more confident and comfortable.”
Ms. Del Rio / RSP teacher, San Jose CA

…everything you need to help your students succeed.

“Snap resources for intervention are easy materials to use and offer everything you need to help your students succeed.”
Jaclyn S. / 4th grade teacher, Los Banos, CA

…more confident and comfortable

“Snap is an effective product to help children develop their reading and comprehension skills. In doing so, children have fun challenging themselves when learning new words and by coloring the fluency chart worms. It helps them to keep track of their reading progress.”
Sara Rios / Reading Tutor | Fresno, CA