A Flag for a Leg 5-Pack



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Pack includes 5 black and white consumable portfolios.

Will Mexico ever get back the wooden leg of Santa Ana, and will Texas ever get back the flag of Texas lost in the Alamo? In “A Flag Lost,” a fictional article based upon the memoir of William P. Huff, readers will learn how Mexico captured the flag of Texas at the Alamo. In a reading of “A Leg Lost,” an account based on an article in El Correo Nacional, a Mexico City newspaper dated October 1, 1842, readers will learn how Santa Ana lost his leg. Readers will learn the story of how America captured Santa Ana’s wooden leg in “A Leg Found,” a story based on a true account of the Battle of Cerro Godo in the Mexican/American War. Readers will find out if a trade ever happened in the article, “A Trade.”