Most educators recognize that guided reading is one of the leading approaches to teach reading to early readers and to support struggling readers. And it’s a highly effective method for differentiating instruction.

But it Requires…


Lots of Teacher Time

How many teachers have time for extensive training? How much time is spent planning lessons for multiple reading groups? And what if a teacher has to plan additional lessons for interventions, summer school, or after school programs?


Lots of Expense

It can hit the budget rather hard. There are consultant fees, training fees, substitute time, stipends, in addition to the guided reading materials.


Complicated Systems

Then there is the constant movement. Teachers change grade levels, move to different schools, move out the district. Teachers leave the profession for a period of time due to family circumstances. There is the periodic change of administration. This creates the need for a complicated and costly system of ongoing training of new teachers and administrators. 


Training was “baked-in” to the product? As teachers use the product, they learn how to teach guided reading. 

And what if it was so easy to use that instructional aides and tutors could use it and get the results we all want?


It’s that easy!

Less Time

Less Expense

Less Complicated


Welcome to Structured Guided Reading! 

No other guided reading program is as…

  • Structured
  • Systematic
  • Purposeful
  • Predictable
  • Easy to use
  • Focused on Results

…and a SNAP to implement!

What does that mean?


STRUCTURED for Easy Management

Everything a teacher needs to manage Guided Reading!

…and in English and Spanish

STRUCTURED for Teachers

  • Beginning teachers
  • Teachers new to guided reading
  • Teachers wanting structure
  • Qualified instructional aides
  • Pull-out / Push-in teachers and aides
  • After school tutors
  • Summer school teachers
  • Bilingual and Dual Immersion teachers

STRUCTURED for Students

Structured Guided Reading contains built-in routines, support, and scaffolding for:

  • Reading text
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Phonological awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Reading and writing connections
  •  English learners
  • …And much more

STRUCTURED to become independent readers!

STRUCTURED for any Setting

Structured Guided Reading is ideal for…

  • Classroom differentiation
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 intervention
  • Pull-out / Push-in programs
  • English Language Development
  • Special Educatioin
  • After school tutoring
  • Summer school
  • Bilingual and Dual Immersion programs (English/Spanish)

K-1 Student Books

Every title is engineered to detailed specifications. Here are some features found in the sample, Mike’s Bad Day (Level 13, middle first grade level)

  • Print is clear and easy to read
  • 3-8 lines of text
  • Engaging, close to children’s expectations.
  • Ave. sentence is 7-8 words
  • Most vocabulary known through oral language
  • Simple conjunctions
  • Verbs with inflectional endings
  • Some compound words
  • Illustrations of important story action
  • Clear separation of print and illustrations

Click Here to learn more. (download a zip file of the K-1 Scope and Sequence documents)


Sample from Mike’s Bad Day

View Sample

Grades 2-5 Student Books

Each title is engineered to include the following features:

  • Lexile levels
  • Nonfiction and some fiction
  • Engaging social studies and science content
  • Table of contents, glossary, index, references
  • Photos and illustrations to support building background knowledge
  • Photos and illustrations to introduce Tier 1 and 2 words
  • Maps to build geography knowledge as it relates to the content
  • Text features and visual imagery to support struggling readers and English learners
  • Word recognition support

Click Here to learn more. (download a zip file of the 2-5 Scope and Sequence documents)


Sample from The Solar System

View Sample

Lesson Plan Book

We have found no other guided reading  lesson plan book so fully featured, structured and  systematic, purposeful and predictable. There really isn’t anything like it!

Features include…

  • Clearly written explanations
  • Easy to read – no 6 point font sizes
  • Simple format – no directions scattered all over the margins
  • Embedded student page – no need to have a student book with your lesson plan book
  • Support for English learners
  • Fully scripted – We call them training scripts. 
  • Scripts for book introductions, book walks, text reading, introducing vocabulary, building background knowledge
  • Before and after reading lesson scripts for teaching letter names and sounds, high frequency words, fluency, story/text retellings, early reading strategies, and phonological awareness, text structure

…and so much more!


Mike’s Bad Day

Lesson Plan

View Sample


The Solar System

Lesson Plan

View Sample

Supplemental Activity Packs

Each title comes with downloadable Activity Packs chock full of purposeful activities. Pick and choose from the many activities and assessments. A great help for managing your class.

  • High frequency word assessments
  • Oral reading fluency practice
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Word families
  • Summary writing
  • Story structure/Text structure
  • Comprehension checks
  • Text dependent questions
  • Graphic organizers

…and so much more!


Mike’s Bad Day

Activity Pack

View Sample


The Solar System

Activity Pack

View Sample

Structured Guided Reading

Ideal for Bilingual and Dual Immersion programs.

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