Make Close Reading a SNAP!

That’s right. We developed our Close Reading Portfolios to make it easy to teach the skills and strategies students need to deeply understand and critically analyze challenging text. We do that with 80 close reading portfolios ranging from Lexile 500-1170. 

Each portfolio contains 8-10 passages with the accompanying close reading lessons. 

That’s up to 800 close reading lessons designed to save you time and get RESULTS!

Available in both print and digital. 

Components of Print Version

Lesson Plan Book
Student Portfolios
Strategy Bookmarks
User Guide

Lesson Plan Book

The heart of our Close Reading Portfolios is a simple Five-Step Lesson Protocol. It is highly predictable and brain-friendly making it easy-to-use for both teachers and students. It includes multiple readings, text dependent questions, and sample student annotations, responses, and answers.


Embedded Skills and Strategies

The Five-Step Lesson Protocol contains over 20 essential vocabulary, comprehension, and ELD skills and strategies that students learn and apply in the act of reading challenging text – when they need it the most. 

College and Career Ready

Icons represent the standards addressed in the Close Reading Portfolios. 

Each lesson is aligned to the College and Career Ready Standards and was developed specifically for students to “read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.” (from the College and Career Reading Anchor Standard 10.)


François the Dashing Croaker



The Dashing Croaker

Central theme is Life Cycles. Includes a narrative in the first person voice, expository text on the life cycle of a frog, and a poem called Swamp Symphony.


Download Lexile 700 Sample
Spaced Out



The Story of Pluto

Central theme is Pluto getting kicked out of the Solar System. Includes a first person narrative (Pluto), an ode to himself, and expository text.


Download Lexile 760 Sample
The King in Queen's Clothing


Hatshepsut of Egypt

The Queen in King’s Clothing

Central theme is ancient Egypt during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. Includes expository text on the life of Queen Hatsepshut and her family, a first person account of life during her reign.

Download Lexile 1100 Sample

Student Portfolio Features

Consumables are available for students to annotate following the Five-Step Lesson Protocol. 

Portfolios include:

  • various types of text features (illustrations, diagrams, maps, charts, photographs, etc.),  
  • wide line spacing and block paragraphing which provides the extra space for annotating, and 
  • numbered paragraphs for easy navigation of the text. 

Graphic Organizers and Assessments

Portfolios include writing and vocabulary graphic organizers, a reading fluency chart, a book check assessment with additional text dependent questions requiring short constructed responses, and scoring rubric.


Spanish Close Reading Portfolios Available

Titles available for grades 2-4. Purchase as a complete kit. Includes Spanish lesson plan book, and 25 consumable student portfolios per title.

Digital Access with On Demand Printing

Display, download, and print any of the 80 Close Reading Portfolios and accompanying Lesson Plan Books from our our website. 

Requires a membership for full access.

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